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Jesus was a Muslim

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As much as I'm not a fan of the Roman Church, it should be noted that the Islamic world has a far worse problem with sodomy, pedophilia and bestiality, person for person. Actually, the Jehova's Witnesses have even worse issues with members of their ministry abusing children than Rome. These cults getting a pass by so-called "rational thinkers" strikes me as a tad irrational, not to mention hypocritical.
You are not clear as to which "cults" and "rational thinkers".

As for me, I don't give a fart for any of them. I know "good" from "evil", "right" from "wrong". It seems clear that this is born into even the least intelligent among us and is pretty well beaten out of most in early childhood. Logic and reason are not required to have the ability to identify these notions, though they can be very helpful in placing them into a rational conceptual framework for the individual and to generalize it for groups.

To my mind "God", whatever in hell that term really means (if anything in its own rite), very clearly gives all individual men everything they need to live healthy, happy, worthwhile lives AS INDIVIDUALS. The company of one's fellows, while important, is by no means mandatory for such living. Happiness is as much a function of choice as it is of circumstance, all else equal. The "cultification" of "God" has been one of the great cluster-copulations of all time. I rapidly came to see in my readings as a much younger man that it is apparently a product of the Empire mind: God as emperor, a notion that limits and cheapens and profanes "God" with such deep and shameful shamelessness that I would not begin to be able to capture the truth in words. Most, if not all, that I see in these shameful desecrations of "God" are the products of the mindset that perforce sets one man above another in authority. How else could things have devolved?

Can anyone here really picture religion in the context of Empire as having evolved into a system of thought enshrining, praising, and perpetuating the glories of individual rights and freedom? How could it happen in a context of a "man at the top" telling all the rest what to do in an arrangement of authoritarian rule? What possible sense could that make for those who sought to perpetuate such social arrangements? Lets see how that would look: emperor sits high upon his throne, spewing mandate to the right, fiat to the left, before people whose religion teaches them the virtues of individuality, freedom, rights, and the true meaning of "equality" between men. Are the two not in ultimately violent, annihilative opposition? Seriously now - I put to anyone here to demonstrate how those two mental realities could possibly survive in the same world at the same time.

And so the tyrant of yore had to cause the devolution of human thought such that God becomes the ultimate tyrant, thereby resolving the conflict in question and lending excuse for the earthly tyrant's scheme of things. After all, at worst the tyrant models his architecture upon that of the Divine. How could one possibly argue against that? But more likely, as evidenced in our history in the West at the very least, the tyrant lays the claim that the tyrant God has commanded he reign under the conditions and circumstances set forth by his edict and enforced by his sword-endowed bully boys, the authority or even blame laid at "God's" feet and never at those of the actual robbing, enslaving, murdering bastard. "It is God's will", shrieks the charlatan-in-chief; the grand pick-pocket of your most fundamental and sacred birthright. Out and away it flies, most never noticing and those who do being too afeared or lazy to do anything about it.

That is the material and mental reality of most of the so-called "great religions" of the world, brought to you by the Empire mind: originator of tyranny designed to bring unto itself and its servants the glory it has unilaterally decided it so richly deserves in the form of roads, buildings, statues, and all other monuments large and small raised to that sacred end. Does there exist a better depiction of the West's notion of "Satan"? Just think about it before dismissing:

"Empire" is this mostly tacit concept that rolls around in our heads at the subconscious level. With it is conveyed a powerful set of assumptions so deeply seated as to be inaccessible to the minds of average men, and therefore unassailable. And yet, there it lives, like a great and bloodthirsty beast in a large and pitch-black cavern, the individual its minion who, if he serves in good faith, "shares" in the perceived glories of being a part of something more vast than himself (wink... nudge). Let us not fool ourselves into thinking that all the shiny bits, those "monuments", are not a huge part of the the great ego stroke that is part of the carrot that the Satan of Empire dangles before the individual, it's power far greater than that of the stick of the king's sword-besotted men. And yet this purported glory is all vapors and shades - not quite outright lies, but purest and most convincing deceit. There is no glory. There is only one's enslavement at the tips of the king's swords.

The disease of Empire and the concomitant state of rot that is its solitary product perforce led to the rise of the "great" religious cults. There was no other possible path, for the only way to have slaves in the longer term is to make them learn to revere their chains as something other than that, and to hold in bottomless fear and hatred the greatest gift bestowed them by the very God their religious conceptions have castrated and diminished into wretchedness: their innate sovereignty and all that it implies, both shiny-bright and scary-dark. The false religions of Empire are, in fact, tantamount to mental autoimmune diseases where one's own conceptual framework serves but to diminish and decay the quality of one's life - to hobble and thereby limit it so that the only possibilities for that poor and freakishly injured creature is a life of the narrowest and downtrodden sort, trudging through his days, head bowed in the impossible sadness of it all, sans the least clue as to why things are what they are. Can you depict a greater vision of hell? I can barely.

Empire raises us as foodstock, slowly consuming us over a lifetime, beginning with the mind, progressing through the body, and ending with the last of vestiges of our souls. That is the legacy we have inherited from our glorious ancestors; those who betrayed us, albeit perhaps unwitting, and whom we shall all join in the betrayal of the posterity yet to come. I can imagine no state more wretched than this.