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Were All Men Really Created Equal?

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Universal suffrage is a terrible, terrible idea. Some unfortunate truths:

An 18 year old man does in fact possess the physical prowess necessary to serve as an effective soldier. He almost never, however, possesses the moral and intellectual prowess needed to serve as an informed voter.

Women vote with their hearts, not their heads. Yes there are exceptions. No that doesn't negate the argument.

People with no wealth, who pay no taxes, will only ever vote for more confiscation from those who do have wealth and do pay taxes.

Universal suffrage will always destroy society.
And the grand implication here is....

wait for it...

wait for it...

YES! That VOTING is itself one of the key destructive forces in those societies where it has been made institute! In a land that is founded upon proper principles of human relations and is correctly operated upon those principles, there is no need for mechanisms such as voting and legislation because everything you need to live rightly with your fellows is already in place.

But no, most demand such things in order to be provided with the grossly ill-conceived and masturbatory illusion that they have a voice - POWER - in the grander scheme, all the while failing to recognize that their freedom is their voice and power. And many of those are simple addicted to low-rent, street-whore drama.

This is why I maintain that the people in a free land are wholly and utterly intolerant of that which cannot be tolerated and they precisely know the one from the other. Having a deep knowledge of the correct principles of human relations and the intransigent attitude of intolerance for anything that violates them is absolutely key to freedom. Less egregious instances of such violations are noted and the violator corrected by whatever means is called for. THAT is the universal procedure for dealing with personal $#@!ing-up by one's fellows.

If my fellow strange to me takes a stick of my chewing gum without my permission, do I murder him instantly? No. I alert him his transgression. Perhaps I demand restitution, or just recognition of the boundary he has crossed without authority. If he makes good, then life goes on. If not, we decide whether to escalate on the understanding that it is well within our just prerogative to do so. In principle, this can go all the way to the point of killing him. Yes, it may seem ridiculous to kill for a stick of gum, but if one applies some deeper examination, all of a sudden it may not seem quite so ridiculous, so long as the proper path to that end has been trod.

For example, the continued refusal of the violator to acknowledge his violation is a clear indicator of either his ignorance of propriety, or his contempt for it. In the case of the former, failure to "get it" would indicate the same contempt, all else equal and barring some mental deficiency disallowing him the ability to comprehend the nature of his transgression. The attitude of contempt for the rights of others is what will earn him death, not the taking of a lousy stick of gum.

These are the universal proprieties in which every many should be a PhD-level expert. With them, we all know what to do, how to do it, and when. Without them, we are lost and the world ends up just as we currently find it and shall shortly devolve.

Getting back for a short moment to the assertion that we need nothing of legislation and other such "governmental" instruments, there are those hordes who will go on endlessly about the roads, military, and "progress". For example, they will ask the dullard's question "how will we progress beyond <fill in the blank w/favorite canard> if we don't have government to make it happen?" To that I say two things. Firstly, who says we must "progress"? The absolute need for humanity to "progress" is a largely tacit and now very deeply-seated assumption that has no basis in fact. It is simply taken as some sort of absolute truth.

Let me ask you this: if your choice of lifestyle were to have that which you now possess, which exists in a framework of rank tyranny and was brought into existence by the same means, or one far less materially endowed but where you were free to pursue anything you pleased without interference from others, which would you choose? Progress.... progress at WHAT cost? Your freedom? You happiness? Your rights? You soul? This is why we are NOT free. People on the whole prefer the gilt cage of their pretty slavery to the freedom into which they were each born, yet were taught to throw to the winds in favor of the 30 sheckels offered them by the tyrant.

Secondly, note "MAKE is happen". As we all know, most of what we have achieved in terms of gross material and economic terms has been accomplished through blind and non-equivocating force. At the very bottom of it, this is the ONLY way government accomplishes anything because at that bottom rests the threat of overwhelming and devastating violence.

Once again we arrive at that same central point to which all doors lead: wanting that which cannot ever become real. This is the undoing of men and I see no hope for the vast majority, but only the grave and immediate threat of extinction for the tiny majority who see the truth and understand it; those who want real and actual freedom and are willing to bear the risks and satisfy the demands required of them to be free. We, the people of the minority, are an endangered species over whose head a great Damoclean sword hangs, the security of its moorings ever uncertain at the hands of the corrupt and endlessly avaricious majority who may at any time undo those threads and see us into extinction.

The plight of the minority, those whom our Constitution was meant to protect from the tyranny of the mob, stands tenuously, the future looking murky on the best days and utterly non-existent for them on all others. The free man is anathema to the mob, who hates him above all other things because his mere existence shines a light on their own depthless shame and corruption. This is why I further maintain that violence of some form and degree holds the only hope for the few who rightly call themselves "free"; the corrupt horde will have none of it save by show of force greater than that generated by their graft and malfeasance.