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How to Circumvent the Average Voter?

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Lets face it. The average voter does not get it, they will never get it. We have hoards of "Conservatives" backing Trump. This should show us how difficult it is to inspire these people with the message of liberty. Its as if they intentionally reject it over pride in their "party".
Oh, it is FAR more sinister than that. They reject it in favor of pretty slavery. This is that form of servitude that provides one with enough of the things he wants such that he is nominally satisfied with his lot in life. He almost certainly wants more, but dares not make waves for fear of losing what he has. Once having gotten his minimal set of benefits, he is more than happy to turn his back to the needs and wishes of his fellows. After all, he got his; the rest can get suffer for all he cares. Then he has the brutish temerity, the despicable brass, to label his condition "freedom" as he sits contentedly back in his recliner and cracks a government-provided beer to drink with his government-provided cheese product and crackers as he watches his government-sanctioned game.

This is the essence of the Meaner, the "average" man. He is fearful, avaricious, willfully ignorant, and almost completely indifferent to his fellows, all so long as his needs and desires have been met by someone else. He is the most dangerously scummy creature in all God's creation, for he has no fidelity whatsoever, not even to himself beyond the most base drives. He will sell his children into whorehouse duty if it will get him what he wants in life; forget about his parents and siblings and the fact that where his "needs" are concerned he has no friends.

When Ron Paul ran in 2012, we started to see a glimmer of hope that some awakening might be taking place as to the message of liberty and freedom. What happened?
Methinks the glimmer remains, but it is possible it is approaching its limits for proportion of the population. Freedom - and I mean the real thing - scares the Meaner absolutely $#@!less. In its face, he recoils in horror, shrieking "anarchism!". He is the grand coward; the exact creature that lead Christians to believe that all men were fallen and inherently sinful beings. Can anyone blame them for coming to such a conclusion when the good men of the world who keep faith to all that is decent and good between men are so vastly and hopeless outnumbered by the great legion of two-legged devils that freely roam the planet?

The ONLY thing that fundamentally separates us from the other animals on this world is the basic structure of our minds. That difference arises almost completely as the result of the mental training it receives, which in turn dictates most if not all of the timbre of one's attitude toward all things in his life. Now, given what we see in terms of attitude and other aspects of typical human behavior, can any rationally intelligent and honest man deny that we, on the average, have missed the boat in colossally catastrophic measure?

People choose that which they are taught to choose in all regards save the basic reflexes to eat, procreate, sleep, eliminate, and run from danger. It is so very clear what the nature of the prevailing political monster is in this world. It has been this way for a very long time. Those in power endlessly endeavor to keep those over whom they presume to lord as weak, ignorant, greedy, and dependent - in other words as corrupted to Theire advantage - as possible. "God" didn't bring this about - the fall of men; men did. And they continue the proud tradition of corruption, all the while calling it "virtue" and "progress".

The race of men poisons itself to death, first in its mind. The destruction of the rest simply follows quite naturally. Where mind goes, Brother Ass follows. It is as simple as that. Imagine it - there is literally nothing fancier going one. But simple as it may be, the habits so early learnt are almost impossible to break for the Meaner. WAY too much work there, and to what end? He has his food; his drug; his sexual outlet; his aggression outlet; his shelter. What, prithee tell, could be his possible motive to want to change anything when all the lower strata of Maslow's hierarchy have been satisfied? The answer is that there is none. That is why force is the only thing that will dislodge the Meaner from his sedentary state of slow-burn mental suicide - the brand of suicide that stands to drag everyone else into the dust of death right along with him.

It is this sad and frightening truth that has lead me to believe that there shall be no renaissance any time within reach of our lives. The absolute best for which we can now hope will be a "reset" event, whether it be the eruption of a super-caldera, nuclear or conventional war, aliens landing on the South Lawn, or a meteor strike, nothing but a near-extinction event is going to correct humanity's current course toward mental self-extinction. We are racing backward toward the pitch-black of minds that no longer function as anything more sophisticated than a possum raiding a hen house at 3 AM. And this is precisely what Theye want us to become: brutes gone from unwilling to finally incapable of behaving as anything more than mindless brutes in endless seek of the satisfaction of the base instincts, all higher function having been effectively excised from the species for all practical purposes. We are becoming the realm of darkness that Mani described in his religious philosophy. We are becoming the Archons of darkness. By Jove, methinks I have had a dim flash of creative genius: I shall now call such people "Darchons". We are regressing into the Darchon species.

Was it drowned out once again by the media and its message of fear and hate?
Is that a serious question, or simply rhetorical?

And lets call it for what it is. Our corporate run media is not about peace and love. It IS about fear and hate.
Actually, it is about power. Power over you and everyone else that is not Themme. If peace and love accomplished the goal of cultivating that power over the rest, it would become the cornerstone of Theire practice. Apparently, peace and love are not the best tools of universal subjugation. Your fear and hate, however, work most swimmingly well, for where love strengthens a man, fear and hate taken out of their proper measure, weakens and ultimately destroys him.

And Im not saying we shouldn't defend ourselves against a legitimate threat, but what we have been doing is crazy, and the voters love the taste of blood it seems.
Bread and circuses is a proven formula. Why change anything?

We know what is right and what is wrong. What can we do to counter this?
At this point, we can do nothing in the vein I take you to mean here. Hide. Entrench. NETWORK with like-minded people. Separate yourself from the mainstream as much as possible, and for God's sake get the hell out of the cities and suburbs. Create a separate underground society of men who do not fear liberty but embrace it. What to do after that, I really do not know. Were a parallel existence possible, I would say go that route, perhaps in wait for such a time as you might come out of the woodwork, so to speak. But my fear is that such societies would be actively hunted and extinguished, so really I have no definite answer for you. Men of good character are rare as hen's teeth. Their prospects for the future do, at this time, appear grim.