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A Call to All People: Take Your Power Back

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In this post, I am making the assumption that your personality is nothing more than what you project on the world. What one characteristic do all of these people have in common…

1. Martin Luther King
2. Bob Marley
3. Tupac
4. The Beatles
5. Mother Theresa
6. Nelson Mendela
7. Michael Jackson
8. Thomas Jefferson
9. Ghandi
10. Soon to be Ron Paul….
11. … and so on..

The one characteristic I believe they all really share at the fundamentals of their respected lives is that they projected their personality on the world for others to share. Ghandi was best known for this characteristic and summed up what I am trying to describe is “be the change you want to see in the world.” Have you ever noticed that the people who are saying this the most are the people who are following this advice? Have you also noticed that these people have their life together and they could generally be described as overall good human beings by almost everyone that knows them? This is no coincidence in my opinion.

Each of these famous people that we respect as human beings (don’t be prejudice to their lives, instead understand how they were speaking) shares this Ghandi trait or what I call “projecting the person you want to be.” Imagine if everyone on the internet just started blogging about the good that can be achieved in the world instead of the “fascinating teen pop story who overdosed during a binge on the night on the town where she was wearing a ….” ….just let it be. These “celebrities” we watch in awe are just people, and if you were in their situation you probably would be acting just like them (or at least similar if you imagine you were them with how their perspectives on how their were raised were..). Get over it, you are not going to be them and if you want to watch then go ahead, but don’t make your life out of it.

Everyone in the world empowers the wrongs of the world by how we speak. If we can shift how we speak, we can create the world we want. Realize that language (oral speech) is the strongest form of power that humans have over one another, and direct yours towards the humane way. If enough people start doing this, the collective consciousness of the world (or at least in America as of right now) can be changed through mere words. We have all the power if we just harness what we say and realize our actions create the reactions that we experience in life. Do not let anybody else ever speak on behalf of you or let perception rule how you think, instead I offer for you to do things your way. Do not be afraid… Coming from a person who once played World of Warcraft for 18 months and gave his life away (although I really did enjoy it and learned a lot from it), I know the pain of trying to find your identity in a world you are scared to be criticized in. Hell, I am struggling with that right now as I am worrying what I say will be taken the wrong way. But as I just told my brother, you are never going to get anywhere not trying because by mathematical law, you must start something for the first time before you can do it a 2nd time… and so on. That is probably why the beginning of my blog is not as deep as this part, as I am gaining confidence from typing on something so stupid as a blog.

This is not a blog as much it is my voice. I am trying to speak my mind and project the world I wish to see based on my interpretation that I see the world through. If you like my style and you get where I am coming from, make a blog. Start speaking your voice. Just as it has to start with one step in order for your personal self to become who you are… it takes the 2nd person to start blogging about their voice… before the third person….
Now more than ever the world is crying for answers and is willing to look to alternative sources (the internet.. let us realize its true potential by having a true grass roots revolution, all through the internet…) Speak about whatever you like, but stay positive, and of course keep reading what I have to say . If enough people start doing this, it will become the norm and we can literally change the world from the comfort of your chair (crazy world these days huh? ) If you speak with awareness of how you are affecting the world, you can as an individual literally change the world… and the people on the top of this list would most likely agree with me.


Scott J

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Humanity had to have our past to get to this point and now we control our future. If you want to respect those who fought for our liberties and social injustices, speak their words. Enough information is out there to see the world for what it is and the answers to those questions. As my forecasting is nothing but an idea of how the world will be soon based on the summation of all past events.


  1. nayjevin's Avatar
    language (oral speech) is the strongest form of power that humans have over one another, and direct yours towards the humane way
    hear hear!
  2. Scottj88's Avatar

    Thank you for pointing this phrase out...

    These really are fundamental times...
  3. Scottj88's Avatar
    Thank you for pointing out this comment... it is much stronger separated from the rest of my nonsense!

    These times are truly revolutionary! Can't wait for Ron Paul to actually announce...
    Scott J