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  1. When did SuperflousErowe become Orthodox? He used to be some sort of Protestant, IIRC.
  2. Thanx for the headsup about superfluous man. ~hugs~
  3. WRT your rep comment "He brags about his rep count so I neg him only on religious points as much as I can. He can't see them. Sad thing is, I actually like his posts outside the religion section. He may have lost his mind" I heard from a good source he had a stroke a while back. (though I haven't verified it with him personally) I suspect he doesn't always have full control of his mind. :/
  4. St John Chrysostom, but it looks like Erowe1 is already discussing it with you.
  5. [RJB+rep]Thread:Socialism is NOT sinful
    Heads up. St. John lived a few hundred years after the time erowe is asking about.[RJB+rep]
    Which St. John? There are a bunch...
  6. I can understand if you take a leave of absence for a while. Just keep in touch, y'all! ~hugs~
  7. WRT your rep question-I made the quote up on the spot. Just trollin' the Ronin. I like to play his game sometimes.
  8. In your thread, you ought to report posts instead of simply -repping the trolls IMO. Too bad they piss in so many otherwise pleasant threads. :P
  9. lolz...I probably shouldn't talk to brick walls in teh religion sub-forum, but it's tempting beyond resisting sometimes.
  10. We're cool. I'm in a goofy mood this evening
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