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  1. I can't read minds. I don't know for sure why Rand Paul is cozying up to the warmongerers as much as he is. But if he actually votes "yes" on these sanctions during negotiations, while Obama is threatening to veto, no less, that would make him more hawkish on this issue than Obama.

    I'm getting sick of Rand Paul anyways. I'm sick of the pandering. You can't win by pandering to the whims of the sheep, you can only win by opening their eyes. I know that's unlikely, but expecting that someone will just sneak through, get the votes of the sheep, and then govern in a libertarian manner seems really, really unlikely. Everyone would say that the idea was absolute crap if it wasn't Ron Paul's son. Few would actually trust Rand, or let some of his comments go, if they didn't believe that everything Ron says about his son is literally true.

    (My post was too long, give me 30 seconds and part II will be up.)
  2. I have to agree with you on this being silly. I don't see why it matters what subforum the thread is in.

    That said, a thread about ghosts got into the hot topics forum, so I have to agree with Sola that they are a little biased, even if it doesn't actually bother me as much as it does him (I've been in places WAY more biased than this, by far.)

    Watching the two of you debate was possibly the most entertaining part of the religion subforum Oh well
  3. I don't know. He could have been. Pretty silly if he was. Most people who post a lot have had a thread moved by mod at least once if not outright locked. And his "science" thread was clearly about pushing a religious point of view. (Science is wrong therefore my view of religion is right.) Anyhow, people come and go. If Sola really has left I assume he was probably about ready to go anyway.
  4. Are you sure Sola wasn't serious?
  5. Sola logging off right now was convenient
  6. Another thread about sex = marriage for you to have fun with

    Feel free to add additional pressure to answer
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