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  1. Thank you!!

    new study about carcinogenicity of Splenda
  3. you are quite welcome! thanks for spreading the truth about human health and well-being.
  4. Thank you--you're a sweetheart!
  5. Thanks again! I know what you mean--it's frustrating.
  6. You are very welcome!
  7. Thanks Kotin for the support!
  8. Kotin, I just really want people to be able to critically think by posting non-mainstream issues--and ones that appear very controversial. I truly care about humanity and want to see less people sick, and less people beholden to the system.

    Freedom encompasses so many things, one of which is to be healthy. There is no other freer feeling than to be healthy and full of life!

    Btw, I love your avatar; Calvin and Hobbes!!
  9. I have been following the kind of medicine you post about for quite a while.. Always hated arguing with people about it so I never posted about the stuff.. Since you have joined the forum, that void is filled and then some! I am quite grateful for it. So thanks!
  10. I passed that info along, he said Thanks!
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