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  1. I just bought the book. I cannot wait to read it. Thanks!!
  2. You're welcome, Darlin'. <3
  3. Okay thanks, dearest.
  4. Hey girl, a question: have you or anyone else posted Ben Swann's expose on the CDC? I suck at searching this site and I don't want to be redundant. <3
  5. I am just getting over some respiratory crud, but doing well all and all. Yeah, this LaVoy Finicum is tragic. Alex Jones has reporters up there right now, and they are trying to get in to talk with the militia to try to get them out unharmed.
  6. How are you, dearest? I'm struggling with the Finicum murder. I want to do something.
  7. You are welcome!
  8. Thanks. I try to put out information that others can look at themselves and make their own decisions or further their research.
  9. You always post such interesting links.
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