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  1. n/p, you deserved it ~hugs~
  2. Thanks for the +rep. ~hugs~
  3. Personally no. I do not take melatonin, myself.

    Here is some information I had found:
  4. have you any suggestions for the ideal dosing schedule for melatonin and/or 5htp (I use them for better sleep). I find that if I use either every day they lose some efficacy. Thanks! ~hugs~
  5. Something new from the frankenfood front:
  6. Thanks! Haven't seen it yet, going to check it out now. ~Hugs~
  7. You read Joseph Mercola's columns, right? Today's piece is pretty bad. He mixes good and bad advice together in such a way that would give you poor results (diminishing returns at best) and you'll plateau pretty quickly. Look into more time-tested resources/methods for weight lifting. Just FYI. ~hugs~
  8. Thanks! I will try and watch it tonight. ~hugs~
  9. This may be of interest to you if you haven't seen it yet- (a talk called "Why we all don't get cancer"). I may put it on teh forumz, but I don't know if it will get much attention. c-ya later. ~hugs~
  10. Indeed. Most of the post she attacks me on, seem to be guilt ridden. I have her on my ignore list now.
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