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  1. Excellent. I use Spry too! Hope you feel better soon. ~Hugs~
  2. Thanks! ~hugs~ Knew I could count on you to have that info handy. I already use Spry toothpaste-none of the sugar or crazy chemicals in it.
  3. Just make sure after you are off the antibiotic, start a regime of strong probiotics. Antibiotics no only kill the bad bacteria but it also kills the good bacteria in your gut. Take 6,000 IU's of Vitamin D3 daily--it will help build your immune system that the antibiotic lowered. You should, if not already, get away from Fluoride toothpaste and switch to toothpaste with no fluoride. Xylitol is great and in a few non-fluoridated toothpaste.
  4. question for you, ma'am-I recently got an infected tooth (along with mega-pain) and will be getting a root canal Monday. I've already started taking the antibiotics I was prescribed, and the pain is going down. Any suggestions for situtations like this? I would like to recover ASAP.
  5. Truth, indeed, is a bitter pill. Maybe if you wrote a PM to him explaining what you said to me, you might be surprised he didn't realize he was being that way, and maybe, just maybe, we can all find a common ground to help others.
  6. I agree. I am personally open to all sorts of possibilities. I have no reason to believe the "official" story about anything considering the staggering amount of things the regime lies about/covers up. However, if you're trying to persuade someone to consider your idea, it's a bad idea to be rude and abrasive like Trav. Presentation is often more important than the raw information itself. It's like RP's style-he's got his facts right, but his delivery often irritates conservative audiences. Truth can be a bitter pill.
  7. "True. The vids are good, but [he] is so abrasive it turned me off to it. I imagine others feel the same way."

    Honestly, if we plan to take back our country we are going to have to learn to get thicker skin. He is older, as I am, and we have been researching longer than some people in this forum have been alive. Sometimes people's prejudices prevent them from learning the truth. Meanwhile this country is going down in a blaze.

    We have to stop trying to spite our noses to save our face. Understanding, we are all in the same boat. Our Liberty hangs in the balance, meanwhile.

    This is what Thomas Paine was talking about here:
    "The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."
  8. most welcome, ma'am! ~hugs~
  9. Thank you! ~Hugs~
  10. I noticed you debating about the psychiatry/pharma/state complex earlier. If you haven't heard it, you'll like this interview with Dr Szaz:
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