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  1. Maybe his boat's leaking. Or some young rascals were partying on his lake and scaring the fish away. You can't tell with codgers.
  2. AF's (Ass Face) getting all pissy again in the vent and blaming me for some shit. Doesn't he have a life to live? I really honestly cannot sympathize with people that consistently complain about the state of the world and grumble over the fact that everyone else isn't doing the same. If he hates the universe so much for not conforming to his standards that's not my problem.
  3. Its a good show I'm almost finished the 9th episode
  4. I haven't. Were you asking if its good or recommending? Its hard to find new shows with netflix algorithms.
  5. You seen Devilman: Crybaby yet? Its on Netflix
  6. In response to your pm I can't find, I think it was volume 17 or 18, so around chapter 120.
  7. Shit. Haha, reading some reddits now. Talk about setup and payoff...
  8. yup
  9. Dude... Was she healed in Elfhelm? This was my favorite manga back when I felt like I had time to read.
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