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  1. Should have more space now.

  2. Yo my PMs are all jammed up, tried to delete a bunch and still can't send/receive. Is it possible to get a fix? Maybe I should delete more?
  3. Can't see how that could fit in.
  4. Any place for the Ron Paul/Rand Paul bicycle photo from the 60's in the Adherence ad?
  5. Not sure exactly yet. There's so much going on it's hard to know where to begin! Any ideas??

    We are planning on re-tooling the doc down to just over an hour, for the grassroots to use exclusively as a campaigning tool. I think we're gonna put up a new website and make them available in a new smaller color sleeve for easy handouts.
  6. What are you going to work on this time around?

    Lots of opportunity!
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