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  1. Any evidence that I'm headed to Roman Catholicism?
  2. Any evidence that I'm headed to Roman Catholicism?
  3. Any evidence that I'm headed to Roman Catholicism?
  4. I'm not trying to compromise on the gospel, BTW. I know we disagree on some details regarding how precise your formulation of the gospel will definitively be if you are truly saved. I honestly suspect that TER is not saved, but its been a long time since I've really been in a discussion with him, and I forget the details of those discussions. HU is correct, however, that the EO church doesn't acknowledge the authority of the Fourth Lateran Council, the Council of Trent, or the other heretical Romanist councils. AFAIK the only blatantly awful council they all hold to is the second Nicean Council which endorses icon veneration.
  5. Not everything in the civil law is binding on the modern Christian nation (I realize Bahnsen technically says that it is, his wording is a bit imprecise and I know Robbins pounces on it, but he does nuance more). The moral case laws, the laws that reflect the moral character of God, are binding. Homosexuals being put to death is an aspect of justice. You can't just arbitrarily change the rules of justice without a Biblical standard. It was necessary to uphold justice then, the same is true now. And I could use any number of additional examples.
  6. I even know some theonomists who want to put open FV proponents to death. Which may be "tyrannical" or whatever, but the point is they certainly don't believe in it.
  7. I still want to know where I've actually denied the law-gospel distinction. You seem to be equating pietism and rejection of the civil sphere with an acceptance of faith alone.
  8. Sola, I get that you think there are a lot more hereies out there than most of the rest of us do. But, do you not realize that Biblical theonomy is one of the most libertarian systems there is? It seems like you forget this a lot, especially for someone who used to be a recon. Do you really think we all just secretly support tyranny and enslavement?
  9. Could you answer my OP here? I know its more tempting to answer Catholics and EOs, but still
  10. Leaving aside any of his other theological errors, I would favor kicking John Macarthur out of his pulpit for this: What do you think?
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