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  1. Yeah I understand that. I'm easily swayed so thanks I guess.
  2. doesn't surprise me, but watch it on that 'I side with' test - it only goes to platform rhetoric, not what the candidates actually do. Those who like Ron Paul keep getting told they should like Johnson, but I don't, because he doesn't have principled coherence.

    Make sure your candidate has the principles to stand behind the views you like.

    I just took this quiz, and I figured out why my views are so wacky and I get flamed all the time, Guess I'm a proud member of the green party.
  4. I don't believe that as of Texas, RON was in on it. I understand you think he should have taken the reins and not let things progress, despite his always saying he left that to the campaign, but that is different from having personal cupability, imho. I also wish he had done that.
  5. none of that ever happened, and everyone saw it coming from a mile away
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