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  1. It's sorta a mental reaction where if people talk shit about me I use up my cursing vocabulary and try to unnerve the guy as much as possible. Learned it in Middle School.
  2. They accused me of being a puppet after going out of their way to necropost on my old thread even though that thread was 5 months old and I sorta got into a pissing match.
  3. What's going on? I saw you arguing with a few people but I wasn't really sure what it was about.
  4. This isn't one of my better days. I'm sorry.....<.<
  5. I don't think so. Did someone call you one?
  6. Am I a troll? I feel like theres something I'm missing here.
  7. Scottish is a thing. I'm really a Heinz 57. A little of this, a little of that.
  8. I didn't know that was a thing.
  9. My father is Scot. Why?
  10. Hey are you part Irish or somethin like that?
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