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  1. Lol im sure it wont take long. I hope all the cool cats is still here.
  2. You've just missed the usual madness and've gotta review the threads to get all of it....too much to write about (for me).
  3. w00t! Keep it up and ya won't be a fatty anymore! And, how can Game of Thrones possibly be more important than funny pictures, endless bickering, and occasional intelligent discourse?
  4. Lol actually I've lost 30lbs. I've been taking a break from here. Mostly been over at talking about Game of Thrones for the past few months.
  5. Thanks for teh +rep. WTH happened to ya? I haven't noticed you around lately. You just sitting around in your mother's basement wanking off and getting fat?
  6. FFS, think of something! I don't wanna have to go to NYC just to party with you! :P
  7. Lol ummm I have no idea.
  8. How else am I gonna keep you from leaving me?
  9. Haha im moving to NYC in 6 weeks. I can't afford to have a broken leg :P
  10. d00d, we should spar sometime. I'll break yer leg so's you can never leave AZ EVARRR.
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