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  1. Have you read about this incident yet? It's another incident in which the victim allegedly "pulled a handgun" before being murdered by the cops. Considering the victim is the son of a police sergeant, it's a pretty implausible story.
  2. In case you didn't catch this recent mundane murder by cop, here ya go
  3. Hey, I've posted a very long list of police atrocities in this thread if you're interested (courtesy of ttyl
  4. AF, I don't know if you saw Will Grigg's piece in LRC today, but if you haven't, you should.

    It's pretty fucking disturbing.
  5. Another good link, thanks again HB.
  6. Hey, I found this useful site when looking for a story about a guy who was shot by Phoenix cops the other day.

    Scroll down past the video and there are links to about a half dozen stories of police brutality and murder. Hope it's useful to you.
  7. Thanks for the tip re: corrupt cops.

    Saved the link you sent.
  8. FYI, has a feature called "corrupt cops stories" and other useful articles about the police statists. Hope this is useful for you. Keep up the good fight.
  9. HB,

    RE: Police knowledge.

    Good question, I have no one single source, Will Grigg, Radley Balko and Alex Jones are all good sources for news of police atrocities.

    I scan news feeds for police accounts on a regular basis as well.
  10. Aside from Will Grigg, what did you read to educate yourself on the police? I need to know more about that.
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