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  1. Depends on if your dog attacked me on whether or not I'd shoot it or not. People insulted me first, so I insulted back. not my fault the mods around this place are butt-hurt little kids.
  2. Welcome back from your ban for being insulting to people who don't share your "opinion" that the person who had a police dog negligently turned loose into his own yard, and subsequently died, was somehow responsible since he didn't (your opinion) perform proper first aid. Sucks being elderly and all.

    Oh, and I can play the neg rep game too. You hold a grudge and treat other forum members like shit and you will find yourself banned again.

    You have attitude issues, why don't you just let it go? I guess all us "idiots" on this forum need a lessen. Too bad you don't know where I live, you being a cop and all, you probably would come shoot my dog or something. Lessons...
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