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  1. Derp, I accidentally put this on my own Visitor Message. I didn't even know you could send yourself a visitor message. I suppose anything's possible. I've sent myself PMs before when I was trying to send one to someone else. I think I'm going to send ya a PM. Something funny (odd with a ha) happened and I'm dying to tell someone.

  2. That was the best pic yet - but the flag patch needs to be replaced ...

  3. I'm going to test another banana in the pool today. I was wondering if the first one floated because of the potassium so I googled it and, guess what? I think I'm on to something.

    I feel like Newton sitting under an apple tree discovering gravity - except with bananas and floating in a pool.

    Why does potassium float In water?

    Potassium floats in water because it is lighter than water.

    When we say this, it means that the density of potassium is less than that of water.

    BTW, I think I finally decided on a career. I could maybe do my own science show for youtube. Mr Animal thinks I should do a cooking show because he thinks it's funny to watch me cook but cooking's boring. I'd much rather do a science show and start with stuff that floats.
  4. When I googled Banana Clown to get that pic I posted, I got a bunch of images of snakes *eww*. Anyway, I wondered why all those snake pics came up so I click on one and find out there is a banana clown snake.

    See, if you're not careful, ya learn something new everyday.

  5. Seriously, I dropped my banana in the pool last week and it floated. Ya learn something new everyday if you're not careful....
  6. We all float down here ...

  7. Did you know that bananas float?
  8. Yay! The banana is back and sporting a festive Santa hat.

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