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  1. I referenced Romans chapter 1 and 1st Corinthians 6:9, which condemn homosexuality and effiminate men.

    Are you saying those verses aren't in the Bible? How was what I said "non biblical"?
  2. "Oh, the Bible is "bullshit"?" Nope. Are you implying that the only thing you have to contribute to threads are Bible quotes? Your non-Biblical observations (and there are many) coupled with your choice to use Bible quotes to derail threads (which I'm fairly sure was not the original intent of any of the authors OR the Divinity behind them) are what is bullshit. Get thee behind me, Satan, and get on my ignore.
  3. Oh, the Bible is "bullshit"? Thank you for showing your obvious bias. Frankly, that's a horrible position to take, one you'll answer for. I pity you.
  4. No, you're a troll because even though the entire thread topic is about questions, and the portion that was off topic was split off, you keep asking idiotic questions about why others in the thread weren't deleted (the posts were moved when they weren't germane to the discussion). You have a whole new thread to fertilize with your bullshit. Congratulations!
  5. I'm a "troll" because I offer the Biblical perspective on the subject? You are biased against it because it condemns the false modern religion of self-worship.
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