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  1. I may just be tired. I don't generally care what people think, but being considered crazy by pretty much everyone gets exhausting after awhile.
  2. I'm disappointed WRT your comment in my rep. I didn't know that about Rand. Disappointing. One more reason for me not to be thrilled, I guess. What would Rand's proposal accomplish? I mean, if security procedures were left up to the individual airport that might be a significant improvement (although I think even better would be to leave it to the airlines) but as long as DHS is running it, how is that helping anything?

    I wish I could ask Rand Paul that question. I do really want to know what he's thinking.
  3. Fair enough. That's generally what people are referring to when they use 'coercion' in a libertarian context. Guess I'm just trying to hammer out any potential inconsistencies in my linguistic usage, so if I explain libertarian theory to a newbie I don't trip them up unnecessarily.

    Also, and this is a message to myself, I suppose, I don't remember deleting any visitor messages, so I'm kind of confused by having notices here saying I deleted stuff.
  4. WRT: Coercion, yeah, I get what you're saying, and technically what you describe would be coercion, but I wasn't really thinking along those lines. I guess "aggression" was the word I was looking for.
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