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  1. You have no idea. I am waiting 8+ hours for 1 document. Nothing else to do. I have feeling that I watched half of youtube praks videos...
  2. I haven't quit yet. The precint comitteeman just to the north of me, 92 year old man, asked me to come talk to him first. He doesn't want me to quit. I even explained what the RNC did and how they screwed Ron Paul out of nomination and everything. So, I plan on going some time in the next few days to talk to him.
  3. Did you quit your position in GOP? I would love to read thread about that (what you said, what they said, whom did you kick in the nuts etc.).
  4. Hi
    You can remove "need writers" from warrior list....I am still sending articles but there is no need for more of them....
  5. Hi
    In this thread you look for ways to be active. I didnt wanted to highjack that thread so I answer you this way. You can do some of the things listed here:
    and here
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