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  1. hey unconsious did you try emailing or phoning youtube? tell me what happens? its not impossible to get your account back up
  2. thats sad you had one of the best youtube channels.
    remember me? i was your friend on youtube lololll voteyourconsience
    i sent you the ron paul clip leaving the 2nd sc debate and asked you to redo the mccain ms south carolina clip. that video was great.
    maybe it was your john hagee zionist documentary that did it. try to get your account back up. contact them by phone and email and see. i know many who were banned and they got their channels back. tell them you got no warning of any kind and no reason was given. id love to see your youtubes back up
  3. hi unconsious
    didnt you have the same name on youtube? or was it someone else?
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