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  1. "How did this thread escape me?" Look what you gone and done! Too soon!
  2. Can't stand them.
  3. Goddamn foreigners.
  4. When he says "female" he is only referring to roles, as in "the catcher."
  5. How did I know he would make a comment like this when I posted the thread?
  6. Tim Calhoun! is actually my brother. I unbanned him for him to start a new thread and then re-banned him.
  7. And you banned your sockpuppet...
  8. How did you close a thread on revbox?
  9. oh wow, your banana comment on kiwi's wall was a 10/10 burn. I commend you for that.
  10. I feel like posting "It seems Kony not only abducts children but RPF posts as well..."
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