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  1. Your inbox is full.
  2. If you're around when it be morrow afternoon/evening, we should troll the feminists again.
  3. I knew it would get locked sooner or later. Sadz.
  4. Sad to see your thread locked. We were on a roll. /sad
  5. Is my new signature troll enough?
  6. Sorry if I ruined your troll thread, amigo. :/ ~hugs~
  7. IDK...I suspect vegetarianism is a mental disorder with many different "types", such as "lacto-ovo", "vegan", "raw vegan", etc. ~shrugs~
  8. Спасибо большой, мой друг! I shouldn't have acknowleged Sola. I feel bad. I will repent. I just can't resist tweaking him sometimes... No more from now on, though. Cold turkey.
  9. lol so easy to troll you and get you mad ​lolz, you dumb beaner-you didn't get me mad. I was trolling you back.
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