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  1. i want those red boots and that coat.
    she never looks like a senator from krypton on the red carpet.
    we ate corned beef and cabbage with irish soda bread last night in preparation for the day of the irish.
    really, cate is also mexican, japanese, native american, swiss, and a lot more- a true american- so we actually have a lot of family history travelling to do, but i really love the romantic beauty of ireland, and have always been drawn to that part of the world. plus i really love corned beef.
    see you then!
    with the sun streaming in
    i always enjoy knitting lacy stuff but this pattern was especially fun, super easy, and portable.
    trust me, you'll want her working her magic on you.
    i am looking forward to a date with grant.
    (so is corned beef if you've never tried it).
    cate was so happy she began yelling "let's give a hand to springtime!
    and i love it (thanks, coco).
    she's cute
    i am craving some sunshine.
    i told cate about st. patrick's day and ireland- she has a lot of irish ancestors through me.
    my homekeeping secrets
    when you need to be home, may you find your way.
    but then again, we looove roadtrips.
    i have always dreamed of going to ireland, (and scotland too- mccaleb), to research our family history, and to see the green grass in real life.
    and you eat with your sunglasses on
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