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  1. awwww, Danke. stop being sarcastic! i happen to think you're a stellar guy!
  2. no, I just don't have the desire and talent that you possess.
  3. hey, Danke, i never saw your post about bananas. why do they make you gag? you don't try to shove them in your mouth all at once, do you?
  4. ha! just ate a banana. ice cream sounds soooo good. but ice cream doesn't help with me working off my morbid obesity. is this a low value conversation? actually, thinking about it, all my visitor messages on your wall are low value. profound.
  5. Was gonna have some Ice Cream before going to bed. But don't have any left, so heating up some left over pizza. You?
  6. what are you up to? or did you turn on autopilot and fall asleep?
  7. Dayum Danke. that is all.
  8. it's friday, and i don't know if this counts if you don't see it on a friday, buuuuut:

    DEAD BUG!!!
  9. Let me know if you ever need "validation."
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