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  1. I'd say kenpo is a pretty good workout for repeating during the week. I like kenpo, too. Good aggression release for me. Seriously thought about getting into boxing or MMA (not to fight, just to train), but nobody offers training here.

    I've done supersets.
  2. Ever try doing supersets? I tried it today, and it was interesting for variety. I'm going to do kempo X again tomorrow. I am like it! Is it okay to repeat a workout disc from the P90x like that-or is effectiveness lost? (that is, doing the same routine twice within 1 or 2 days of each other)
  3. wow. Not sure whether to be amused or offended by that.
  4. wasn't getting on to you... guess i should've taken the opportunity to create some elaborate story about how you need to go dig up some golden plates and have an angel named MORONi give you some special spectacles to translate amypi's rep messages.
  5. Well, I thought it might be a secret language among you RPF females that I'm not hip to...or something the kids do nowadays /old fart Apparently it was all the fault of Terbolizard.
  6. dude.

    look at her visitor message to you.

    kid, maybe? hit "enter" too soon?

    do you think i'm psychic or have her phone # or something??
  7. what does it mean when AmyPi writes "YOU'R" in a +rep message?
  8. re: your rep message- Nah, I wasn't being sarcastic about the tissue. Eduardo told me about it a bit before that thread started, and I was just being nice.
  9. i think you missed the hidden message that can be found in your statement (and i wasn't referring to AmyPi-- she rawks). but you're maybe too nice of a guy to see it, and you definitely didn't write it with that intention, so it just goes to prove that i'm a mean person.
  10. re: your rep message-no, it wasn't just a stab. AmyPi and I are the resident nitpickers/spelling and grammar nazis. lolz
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