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  1. Seen it, but it's so archaic I can't read it. (Ditto for Old English ) IDK any Russians who can read it either.
  2. Are you familiar with Glagolitic?
  3. LOL Never heard of that, but thnx. My keyboard is bilingual (cyrillics and Latin characters on each key). I type alt+shift to switch languages.

    Ever tried writing English with a Cyrillic keyboard? The guys at Omniglot made an entry on it a while back.
  5. thnx for the rep. I keep getting this You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Lamp again. but I'll hit ya when I get some juice.
  6. The guy is a giant turd and stalker. Its a wonder he still has 10 bars.
  7. Ok tell me your account name so I can add you on Newgrounds.

    By the way you can also play flash games, upload art and watch animations as well.
  8. Thnx for the newgrounds tip. Account created.
  9. No worky error: "This video contains content from Victor Entertainment, Inc.. It is not available in your country."
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