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  1. Your pm box is full! Guess I have to leave you my note here... Just thought I'd pass this thing along I discovered lately:

    It's cheap, plus the recipes in here are designed to compliment a fitness routine AND taste good. There are healthy recipes for every meal plus deserts and snacks. w00t! It's a lot cheaper than anything I've yet seen, too. ttyl! ~hugs~
  2. Lenten Rick Roll

  3. I see you tried to send me an AnimalMessage by PM. I made some space so's you can try again. ~hugs~
  4. Maybe Ask him on a date and report back.
  5. Dang, he's fooled me. :/ Maybe he has teh bisexualness?
  6. I'm not getting a blip on my gaydar.
  7. Hey you! Is herr danke ghey for realz? He acts like it a lot, and it gets creepier as time goes on...
  8. Awwww, thanks Finally, the HuffPo gets something right!
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