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  1. I'm building a pure64 clfs system right now, those seem to rather love my system.
  2. Slackware hated my hardware sadly. Had to drop it. Story of my life to be honest.
  3. In a word from my youth, "Kosher"...

    Though if you are trying out 13.0, hopefully you have a lot better luck with it than I have had. I can only get Salix to run with gl support on the newer machine (dual 2.2ghz, 1gb nvidia 8600). Though I figured there might be a problem with this older machine from a thread in the slackware forums at linuxquestions. I don't remember exactly what was said, but basically a person had stated it was best to stick with 12.2 because of intel problems. I'll try for a few more days, then I'll just scrap the OS and use the third HD as a back up for my Slack 12.2.

    Oh, also, you should check out sbopkg if you haven't done so yet. Gives a person an ncurses menu driven selection of Slackbuilds. It's quite useful.
  4. Just installed slack. Gonna get src2pkg and some SlackBuild software now.
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