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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Thanks!
  2. Mises pointed out that we are social animals, the great insight is that life would be horrible if we achieved self sufficient isolation, but co-operation in a market is achievable and doesn't in any way necessitate a State. This is a truly revolutionary idea, and I think its time has come.
  3. I like the idea of coming up with products and services, connections and various preparatory solutions for when things go pear shaped. I think tyranny will fall apart naturally, so for a variety of reasons our efforts are best spent trying to figure out how to provide products and services in anticipation of govt. services failing, (even if at times we act as partners with local govt. organizations) Doing this we will be well positioned to step in with free market solutions for those who might otherwise choose expedient tyranny at a future time when things look bleakest. I liked the stuff I read on your profile discussion. There are positive things that can be done now, and the market is really, really powerful. When the lid flies off, we will all be happy that we made some good contacts and shared some ideas.
  4. He was a obnoxious! He reminds me of that overly pompous Victor Aguilar over at a few years back. He was offering thousand dollar prizes for people who could refute his refutation of Mises action axiom or something. I am very excited by this new awakening that is happening; we are not alone and that is huge. Hearing Ron Paul say (to paraphrase) that once someone wakes up to understanding liberty they are not easily lulled back to sleep is really revolutionary. And what I love the best is that the people in general and Ron Paul in particular are always so positive, because freedom is positive, and the future is good because the market is fighting on our side. (such a far cry from the morose misery of the political striving for legislative solutions and 'if only we could get our guy in' mentality of the old school conservative/anti-liberal/American-exceptionalist ancestors of mine.)
  5. Yes, especially when the gold and silver coins were being debased. Hence Gresham's law. But that guy is a troll so I decided not to go into it any further.
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