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  1. space has been cleared! Thanks! ~hugs~
  2. Hey HB, please clear some space!
  3. A few days late, but thanks for the +rep the other day. Your message cracked me up.
  4. n/p, hun. ~hugs~ I've found one has to be careful in complimenting women anymore. Especially on the internetz. It's easy to come off as creepy/sleezy when trying to be sincere. :/ lol If our paths cross somewhere, I shalt charm and woo thee, assuming you're single then, of course.
  5. hahaha! That word 'creepetarian' cracked me up. Thanks for the kind words. Sorry bout the slow-loading vid, I probably should've exported it at a lower quality for faster loading. Thanks again!
  6. Not to be all "creepertarian", but your youtube avatar(just noticed you also use it here) is cute. ~hugs~ xoxo Your vid is loading very slowly for me, but I'll listen ASAP. ttyl.
  7. Thanks. I hope I didn't come across as too intense or tough there. heh! I need to remember Ephesians 4:15. :-)
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