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  1. Haha good story. We went to Tulsa, (it was the closest and soonest) and for our date night we went downtown to a Mexican Food restaurant. I wanted to eat somewhere local, because you can eat at a chain any ole day. We had a few drinks, but we were back in the Hotel by 8pm....and...uh....really enjoyed the rest of the night.
  2. Thats great. I hope whatever you two learned sticks forever. We're really struggling financially and of course we have other problems, but we're together, pretty happy and have faith that it will be OK.
    I forget where you went. Can you tell me about the place? I also wnt to know (if you want to tell me) where you took her on date night. On our date night we went out to dinner and had some horrible conch fritters. NEVER AGAIN on conch fritters. But then we went out to a bar on the beach, and took a moonlight walk. Wound up nekked making love on the beach and got caught by a couple walking by. Allin all it was a great trip. Our's was in Delray Beach Florida.
  3. Going really good man. Quite the change from a month ago. Hows things on your end?
  4. Hey. How's it going?
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