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  1. Thanks, same here! I've been posting on another forum, and just occasionally popping in here. Anyway, I'm glad you're back!
  2. I was hoping I would see you!! Awesome to be back! I missed ya!
  3. Thinking about you Sister! Hope you are doing well! HUGS!
  4. Thanks! I'm getting a bit tired of arguing, though.... at least with those who seem impossible to get through to.
  5. haha! Thanks for letting me know, I just cleared out some space!
  6. Your inbox is full! :P Won't let me hit send till you clean it out!
  7. I am out of rep for you! But you are rockin the Eternal Security!! <3
  8. Thanks Annie! And it's great to see you! <3
  9. Thanks again Annie...and good to see you too!!
  10. Thanks! Glad I'm not alone!
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