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  1. Got a great score on my MCATS so yeah it's looking like Dr.Kotin will be a thing hehe
  2. Sent debate pics to your yahoo email. Get gmail!
  3. Hey man are you thinking about SRLC?? there apparently will be discounted tickets and hotels etc.. And it's in LA.. straw poll is a go.
  4. could you send me the few pictures you got from the trip?
  5. Yes!! Get Bryan to go..
  6. No plans yet. Tickets are pretty pricey I heard.

    Definetly down for driving! Maybe I can drag bryan along with us.
  7. Dude seriously yes.. When is it exactly?? Let's set something up... Have you made your travel plans yet? We could drive !!! Road trips are reliably fun.. Specially with a Texas crew..
  8. RLC plans?

    Get the TX crew together...
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