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  1. It is great, thanks!

    And my avatar is bigger! Thank you!
  2. Is your inbox large now? It looks like you should be set.
  3. To both Josh and Bryan (I'll repost on Bryan's) my box is full (my paid member status went away, not an emergency at all but I'm not getting messages if you sent them to mods). I took a bunch off but I'm going to wait before purging as drastically as I would have to to make it work. One guy's name is on who paid to have it removed, and he might have more reason to need attention, I reported his post to the report forum and will move it to mod forum.

    Meanwhile if this goes down again I recommend you use the Forum Twitter account: you can get a message out to me and others who use twitter and we'll spread it. I'm @usernamenuse
  4. No problem. If you pm me an old one you have done I could do a draft you could edit if you like.
  5. Will have to send email late tonight or tomorrow morning. Sorry about delay.
  6. Yea, no prob.

    You had left a space at the end like this. [/url ]
  7. You fixed it, didn't you?! Thank you! I had done it right once with something else, but I couldn't get it right this time!
  8. [url="" ] [img code here to display image ] [/url ] No spaces though.
  9. Thank you! Then were does the link you want them to click to ( go?
  10. You can make images in your signature into a clickable banner.

    Put the [url= ] tags around the image code [/url ] (no spaces)
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