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  1. I'd like for you to call me today if you have time.
  2. I'd be happy to clarify anything you like.

  3. Oh my God, Josh - we need to talk apparently. I'm sarcastic, but I have more hope for the movement now than most of the people in the thread. I hope you're PMing them to remind them that Ron Paul said our best hope is to stay active in the party.
  4. That was uncalled for. She and I have a history. She is a democrat, who thinks she's entitled to Social Security because she was a financially irresponsible single Mom. Now she's here talking people into leaving the GOP - the direct opposite of what Ron Paul says in both instances. (And by the way, I don't give negs. In my experience, it's an asshole move.)
  5. Ron Paul almost wins, 1160 active users. Welcome home, people!

    Josh, you might be able to sell your domain to these folks, or partner with them in some capacity. Downsize DC is part of it - at least, their Facebook account just friended them.
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