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  1. I expect C4L to be our future as well, which doesn't mean we won't be in the GOP, just means we won't 'take directions' from the GOP.

    I won't vote for Gary. Not thinking ahead to November, really, just August.
  2. hi SA! i missed yesterday's Doug Wead chat!
    today's postings are in the wake of what i had
    missed. The SEO call due to its timeframe hints
    at something 3rd party. if Tampa goes south i
    may vote Libertarian and Gary Johnson in NOV
    or sit it all out save for local organizing. in light
    of the SEO call and the requested steak dinner
    and the Festival in FL in late August, are events
    on the march & are we about to see things now
    come together in a big way? the C4L is our future!
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