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  1. Good news, i think. with rick S out of the race, potus just took a stance on same-sex
    marriage that could split the electoral college 269 v 269 if mitt now copies him totally.
    this is assuming tampa is not even a tempest in a teapot. doug wead had a FB chat.
    just gotta be on the next one so high hopes will have an easier letdown. poor DW was
    trying to unwind but the groundlings wanted something earthshattering to be let slip.
    things may get a bit more interesting as tampa looms & the FESTIVAL in late AUGUST!
  2. oh, Aratus. we'll be weathering much more no matter who is elected.
    may i suggest:
    seriously. check him out. resilient communities. if i can get "there" i will.
    this will be the last election i vote in.
  3. today has me seeing "W" people hopping onto
    mitt's rolling bandwagon like flies to a honeypot.
    its hitting me he is THAT close to being a potus
    as in 50/50 odds. the GOP has its obscene moments.
  4. ha!!! you saw my pessimism and raised me realism!! touche!
  5. mr. multiple~choise~mitt hitting the WRONG multiple choise button
    or potus's chicago team thumbing thru mayor thompson's roaring
    twenties rulebook on when you loot a public treasury and accounts?
    it is a tough choise. we do not have nuclear footballs on beacon hill.
  6. i hear ya!!
    but brainless barack winning again doesn't make me feel any better.
    thus my TEOTWAWKI mentality.
  7. saw REP message. clearly chicago payola rules govern our potus.
    he is quite capable of having his team pull a teapot dome on him if he
    keeps on visiting those N.M oil fields! its count the silverware tyme
    at the white house, duckies, i feel... especially if mitt goes the distance.
    oh gaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwd, multiple choise mitt pushing buttons!
  8. a hankering scrutiny
    in my scant cerebralis
    ensued pre&post-ban.
    as much as we admit
    bacchanal as being so,
    unending austerity
    of the self
    is a likewise vice.
  9. sometimes it's difficult for me to be optimistic. as someone who has recently helped fight off a big govt shiny and publicly appealing "plan a" on the local level through a special election only to have that same leviathan infiltrate our community with a shiny and nifty "plan b", how i wish people would get off their duffs and take the momentum from the very few victories we accomplish and drive the leviathan out. it won't happen, though. too many self/special interests.
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