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  1. Handy vidya response to quack claims about vitamin "cures" for cancer, etc:
  2. I am not really "into" the philosophical definitions. I think that libertarians tend to be socially liberal, while conservatives are not. Gay marriage, abortion...
  3. Libertarianism and "plumbline" conservatism are mutually exclusive. Conservatism has long been opposed to classical liberalism-the precursor to "plumbline" libertarianism.
  4. Ron Paul's libertarian membership doesn't mean he is not conservative. It simply means he is more conservative than most Republicans.
  5. "Thread: If you support Donald Trump, then you are an anticonstitutional blithering idiot HEY! Rand and Ron are conservatives, remember?"
    Can't speak for Rand, but Ron is a well-known libertarian and lifetime member of the LP, FYI.
  6. If your basement is roomy enough for my instruments and recording equipment, books, and such, I will gladly move in with you ASAP (I'll pay monthly rent, of course-and help out with chores and such)
  7. Yes, ma'am! I've already accepted your invitation and obnoxiously scribbled on your wall.
  8. You're a penguin? I'm a cat! AngelaTC - you can figure it out, I think.
  9. You sent me a FB friend request? I didn't get it... send another one and let me know what your screen name over there is, plz. ~hugs~ xoxo
  10. But but my new one irritates someone :P
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