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  1. *waves hi* long time no see!
  2. Really? Awwww... My heart Now that we're done with the campaign in VT (well, the delegates haven't been chosen and the vote hasn't been certified yet but we're on that) I'm feeling like I need to reach out and connect with the grassroots across the country again. I was disgusted by what happened when I was last here-- and ironically the C4L strategy is the caucus strategy and there is STILL no clue as to what to do in Primary states-- but between NH and VT I have a lot of experience with open AND semi-closed primaries. If anyone wants to listen to me, or talk to me, or work with me, I will do whatever I can.

    I'm disappointed in the 2012 grassroots, but I still think there's Hope For America. And I know people want to Be A Part Of It.

    So what did I miss?
  3. Happy to see you you here!!! Miss you all the time.
  4. We miss you....
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