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  1. Any "guesses" first?
  2. By the way, if I post the article I'll post it in the general forum. So look out for it.
  3. That's what winners do. They own losers whose wives don't respect them. It's my life. I encounter it every day, I promise you. I'm waiting for your "guesses".
  4. I might or I might not, since it has my personal information in it. Why don't you give me a few guesses about it first. You guessed I swept floors, then I owned you. So give me a few guesses first before I own you again.

    I'll be waiting. ...hahaha
  5. Here, I'll "guess" like you've been guessing about me.

    My "guess" is that you don't feel like a man? Am I right?
  6. It's great to be a hotshot man! It makes you feel like a man. You like feeling like a man, right?
  7. Does your wife ever call you out on being a loser? I can help inspire you buddy! I inspire people for a living!
  8. You've given your thoughts? The envious and bitter guesses when you don't even know anything about me?

    You know NOTHING about me, yet you started in on me with the "sweeping the floors" stuff. Then you got owned. Hahaha!

    You said you are married. I'll tell you this, your wife will respect you more when you are a successful person. I'm trying to motivate you. If you are a bitter loser, like you show that you are, your wife won't respect you.
  9. If I posted my interview with the IBJ, would you give me your thoughts on it? Yes or no?
  10. When you become the best, the bitter and envious come out of the woodwork. They come out because they can't do what I can do. What I takes brains and determination. It takes being a consummate motivator.

    The Indiana Business Journal interviewed me recently on my management philosophy. I would be happy to post that for you because I think it will inspire you. Will you give me your thoughts on it?
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