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  1. I thought Hells_Unicorn was pretty much on point on that thread, which didn't surprise me either
  2. Thanks bro
  3. Its funny, I recently became a paedobaptist pretty much just from scripture. Though I know people have done the opposite as well.
  4. This is a silly game

    Why not just repent and believe the gospel, and then we can stop playing it?
  5. It's infinitely more idiotic to place me in the same category as Islam. If you want to play that silly game, well, game on...
  6. Maybe I shouldn't have written my post the way I did. Frankly, I'm tired of talking about OTC. I don't mind debating Sola over them because he takes some of their positions yet isn't a jerk (at least not to me) and its occasionally an interesting discussion. But I see no point in discussing them with you or anyone else, its just silly and an unnecessary comparison. For what its worth, Marc Carpenter has said that one particular belief I hold about judging (specifically, not being judgmental enough about Arminians) is more disgusting than child molestation. The man is a moron who occasionally stumbles on something intelligent, like when he wrote about Iraq. With the exception of those occasions when he stumbles on something intelligent, I see no need to discuss him or his group. Again, he's not posting here, Chris Duncan is no longer posting here, and its a deliberate distraction.
  7. You seriously think there is a bigger difference between you and OTCers than me and Muslims!?!? How can I take you seriously. You started this garbage. I'll play along

    My point was that you and the Muslims both believe the same false gospel, namely, a synergistic gospel that is part works-based. That was the purpose of my comparison. Neither Islam nor Catholicism is Christianity.

    By contrast, your OTC comparison was making an equivalence in terms of judgment.

    (To be continued, my post was too long.)

    I know you don't want to debate me right now, and I respect that, but I just wanted you to see this OP and how painfully specific I am about the distinctions between unregeneracy and reprobation. I'm very deliberate with the words I use so that I won't confuse people.

    God bless,

  9. What did you mean by your last rep comment? What do you mean "between a rock and a hard place?" I genuinely don't know what you mean by that.
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