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  1. New thread about the latest Vermin Supreme ad is up. Check it out and share with friends/family!
  2. Check this out. An exchange with a friend of a friend of mine on Fedbook who is a cop. (also in the bestest picture thread nao) This policing for profit attitude is apparently quite pervasive. The future is EPIC fail. :'(
  3. FINALLY got youtube working. Here's a vid of the cello suite you wanted to hear me play in the vid thread:
  4. Hey, comrade-I cleaned my inbox a bit for you. PM whatever you were trying to whenever you get the chance. ~hugs~
  5. Hey, bother-you used to have a stat in your sig that went something to the effect of "you are x times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist". Do you happen to know what the x variable is nowadays? Thnx. ~hugs~
  6. Oh, was just going to make a "Danke, it figures" remark.
  7. I see you tried to pm me. I cleaned my box a bit. Try again and how she works.
  8. Hope you get that bigger boat you need for Christmas, bro.
  9. I like how your avatar becomes more festive this time of year.
  10. your presence is requested cordially here when ya get a chance. ~hugs~
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