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  1. hahaha! you're awesome! Night!
  2. ROFL!!! I can't stop laughing at that post you wrote!!!! I had to go back and read it again!!!!!! Okay, I'm done. Deeeep breath. Goodnighters.
  3. heh, you did go after him a bit Don't worry about it.

    ...and anytime
  4. Mines worse than yours. I really go on a tangent when I get in these moods. I sincerely apologize. I'm glad you rescued me.
  5. lol! my mouth will get me banned!
  6. LOL! I loved it! Fuckity fuck fuck! LOL!
  7. gah! see what I mean? I think the personal attacks on people gets me riled up the most. I need one of those self-censor apps or something.
  8. {{hugs}} I kind of get why someone who lives there and worked hard would be disappointed, but I certainly didn't expect him to do well in Florida. Maine will be great and Nevada will be exceptional!!!!
  9. {{hug}} =)

    Hopefully we get a win in Maine. That'll get people back in the right frame of mind again. But really, I don't see how people can be so down about it all. Do they not see the turn out and overwhelming enthusiasm everywhere Dr. Paul goes?! I mean sheesh.
  10. I'm smiling! BIG smiles, thanks to you! And I would hug you if I could!
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