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  1. Hi, I think everyone gets a certain size and to get bigger you donate something or do something when Josh asks for help for something with a project. I've done both in the past and I don't remember when mine got bigger, I'm afraid. The subscription thing is in the FAQs though, I think.

    Thanks for the colored version, you are right, the blue stands out!
  2. Hi sailingaway,

    I'm really enjoying working for Ron Paul in these forums. I see you have a nice new avatar, :-)

    I tried it out on my profile and it sizes much smaller, do you have a trick to make yours appear larger? Or is it a function of the forum, seniority gets a bigger one kind of thing. Here's one with a light blue background for you to use here on the forums. I changed it up a bit to make things more legible and pop a bit more. Here's the Blue Background avatar: .

    I'd like to see how that looks on your profile. Any changes or suggestions, just give a shout and maybe we can get all the admins to dress up for Dec. 16
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