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    Keith and stuff

    Thank you, Dr. Thomas Sowell: Legendary libertarian retires

    Thread Starter: Keith and stuff

    Legendary libertarian author Dr. Thomas Sowell retired is weekly column. This is sad news, as it was featured in many newspapers, providing a regular libertarian perspective to millions of readers. Thank you Dr. Sowell for all you have done to advance liberty, and especially economic liberty, over the many decades! ...

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    Liberty Memes

    Thread Starter: LibertyClick

    :toady: ** post your liberty memes here ** :toady: I'm hoping for some good ones to post: http://www.libertyclick.org/tag/meme/

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    ANNOUNCEMENT: TWO great candidates running in NC-09 US House re-do election

    Thread Starter: devil21

    Hello RPF friends, I'd like to officially introduce RPF to TWO great candidates that are running for the NC-09 US House seat that is undergoing a "re-do election". Each offers appeal, whether you are a Libertarian Party platform supporter or a Republican Party platform supporter. I personally know both gentlemen and can emphatically attest to their genuine status as supporters of RPF's...

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    US Henchmen Violently Arrest Assange! Show Trial To Follow.

    Thread Starter: Brian4Liberty

    US Henchmen Violently Arrest Assange! Show Trial To Follow.

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    Mueller Exonerates Trump, But 'Russiagate' Will Not Die

    Thread Starter: Brian4Liberty

    Mueller Exonerates Trump, But 'Russiagate' Will Not Die

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    Ron Paul: Border Fence Could Be Used To “Keep Us In”

    Thread Starter: donnay

    Congressman warns militarized border policies could be turned inwards during economic turmoil Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com Thursday, September 8, 2011 Having made similar comments to the Alex Jones Show last week, Presidential candidate Ron Paul warned last night during the Republican debate in California that constructing a border fence could be used to keep Americans in rather than...

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    Pompeo Finally Tells The Truth: 'We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal'

    Thread Starter: Brian4Liberty

    Pompeo Finally Tells The Truth: 'We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal'

    Last Post By: Swordsmyth 04-23-2019, 10:11 PM Go to last post
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    Anti Federalist

    Why are the Bolsheviks pushing for felon's voting restoration?

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    Simple: They tend to vote for Bolsheviks. Marc Meredith, PhD, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Business Economics at the University of Pennsylvania, and Michael Morse, Research Fellow at Stanford Law School, stated the following in their Nov. 18, 2013 article "Do Voting Rights Notification Laws Increase Ex-Felon Turnout?," published in the Annals of the American Academy of...

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    MSM distorts, by omission, the purpose for having a census!

    Thread Starter: johnwk

    . SEE: Supreme Court to decide fate of citizenship question on 2020 census Oral arguments in the case Tuesday will center on how the government can get the most accurate headcount -- and whom the census is supposed to be counting. The stakes are significant because the census determines the apportionment of seats in Congress and how billions in federal tax dollars are distributed over...

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    Anti Federalist

    New Politico poll shows Biden leading Sanders, beating Trump by 8 points

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    Joe Biden Is the Front-Runner — Over Democrats, and Donald Trump https://morningconsult.com/2019/04/24/joe-biden-is-the-front-runner-over-democrats-and-donald-trump/ 8-point lead over Trump a contrast to Obama’s standing at this point in 2012 cycle Former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump in the latest Morning Consult/Politico survey. (Scott Eisen/Getty Images) BY...

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    Woman tells DACA recipient to her face, ‘You gotta go!’

    Thread Starter: timosman


    Last Post By: nikcers Today, 07:15 AM Go to last post

    Armed Militia Rounding Up Migrants At Southern Border

    Thread Starter: Swordsmyth

    A New Mexico militia operating along the border with Mexico has been stopping groups of migrants who have illegally entered the country, holding them at gunpoint, and then handing them over to Border Patrol agents, according to the New York Times. Known as The United Constitutional Patriots, the group has long operated along the southern US border, attempting to stem the flood of ...

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    Mueller report contains claim Russia taped Bill Clinton having phone sex with Monica Lewinsky

    Thread Starter: timosman


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    California Becomes First State to Recognize Third Gender

    Thread Starter: Swordsmyth

    “Non-Binary” has become an acceptable gender identification in the state of California. On October 15, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 179, the Gender Recognition Act, into law, paving the way for a third gender choice on state driver's licenses, and simplifying the process for residents to legally change their genders and names on state documents. The term “non-binary” has...

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    Neuroscience Reveals the Differences Between Republican and Democrat Brains

    Thread Starter: Swordsmyth

    It goes without saying that there are very different thought processes going on in the heads of Trump supporters versus Bernie ones, for example. Many might argue that political views are largely shaped by our environments, but it turns out that our neurobiology may significantly contribute to whether we think like Reds or Blues. Back in 2013, a team of political scientists and...

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    Fraud Upon the FISA Court Confirmed

    Thread Starter: goldenequity

    continued from here: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?518161-Rep-Jim-Jordan-18-questions-in-2018-about-Russia-and-the-FBI ===================== FRAUD upon the COURT :mad: Confirmation: DOJ and FBI Used “Steele Dossier” for Application To FISA Court for Search Authority on Trump Campaign…...

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    Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says Trump is "Saudi Arabia's bitch" in tweet

    Thread Starter: enhanced_deficit

    Even if GOP Globalist Adelson/MAGA Camp survived till 2020, its longterm propspects are starting to look bleak. That said, Tulsi could have caused even bigger controversy had she called MAGA our close ally "Israel's b-word": November 21, 2018, 1:54 PM Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says Trump is "Saudi Arabia's bitch" in tweet Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, a National Guard...

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    The retail apocalypse has officially descended on America

    Thread Starter: timosman


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    John McAfee Vows to Unmask Crypto’s Satoshi Nakamoto, Then Backs Off

    Thread Starter: Zippyjuan

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-04-23/john-mcafee-vows-to-unmask-crypto-s-satoshi-nakamoto-within-days McAfee says lots of things. He also claims that bitcoin will be worth $1 million each by the end of the year. He said he was going to stay and fight the IRS over tax evasion but then hopped on a boat and fled the country. He also says he is running for President. He just likes...

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    Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Money and Intrinsic Value

    Thread Starter: Smaulgld

    Last Post By: Superfluous Man Yesterday, 10:19 AM Go to last post

    Jack Ma defends the 'blessing' of a 12-hour working day

    Thread Starter: timosman


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    Thread Starter: Smaulgld


    Last Post By: Zippyjuan 04-22-2019, 11:44 AM Go to last post
    Anti Federalist

    Less Than 25% Of College Graduates Can Answer These 4 Simple Money Questions

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    Less Than 25% Of College Graduates Can Answer These 4 Simple Money Questions https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-19/less-25-college-graduates-can-answer-4-simple-money-questions by Tyler Durden Sun, 04/21/2019 - 06:28 Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com, Americans have become numb to financial intelligence. This is no more evident than a recent Sallie Mae survey, which indicated...

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    It is gonna be a cold winter.

    Thread Starter: Danke

    This fall the Indians on a remote reservation asked their new Chief Oyarde if the coming winter was going to be cold or mild. Since he was a chief in a modern society, he’d never learned the old tribal secrets. He couldn’t look at the sky to predict what the winter was going to be like. "It's going to be a very cold winter." So just to be on the safe side, Oyarde told his tribe that the...

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    Let Loose the Bugs of War: Bacteria Now Resistant to Alcohol

    Thread Starter: donnay

    Last Post By: RJB Yesterday, 05:29 PM Go to last post

    The Vaccination Debate

    Thread Starter: donnay


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    Playboy Comes Out of the Closet 2017

    Thread Starter: timosman

    Last Post By: Brian4Liberty Yesterday, 10:03 AM Go to last post

    Outbreak: Statewide Hepatitis A Infections In Georgia

    Thread Starter: Swordsmyth

    The state of Georgia is experiencing a statewide viral outbreak. Hepatitis A is spreading across the state as 250 cases of the infection have been identified. That’s more than four times the number of infections in 2017. The Georgia Department of Public Health says the cases date as far back as June 2018. The number of cases identified is nine times higher than the total of 24...

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    Scientists and doctors warn of potential serious health effects of 5G

    Thread Starter: Marenco


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    Herbal remedies that increase blood circulation in the feet

    Thread Starter: donnay


    Last Post By: timosman 04-23-2019, 02:57 PM Go to last post
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    Dictator of the British Empire

    Thread Starter: Firestarter

    When I tell the people in Britain that they´re ruled by dictator Queen Elizabeth, they think I’m insane. Arguably England is the only real colonial power left in the world. LETTERS PRINCE CHARLES It is well-known that Queen Elizabeth has a weekly talk with the puppet she selected for Prime Minister. That the Royals talk with politicians to give them “advice” becomes clear when you read the...

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    Aremenian Genocide Remembrance Day

    Thread Starter: AZJoe

    April 24 - Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

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    J.R.R Tolkien Libertarian Creator Of Middle Earth

    Thread Starter: 1stvermont

    His Life “I am in fact a Hobbit (in all but size). I like gardens, trees and unmechanized farmlands; I smoke a pipe, and like good plain food(unrefrigerated), but detest French cooking; I like, and even dare to wear in these dull days, ornamental waistcoats. I am fond of mushrooms (out of a field); have a very simple sense of humour (which even my appreciative critics find tiresome); I go to...

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    Taxation is Theft

    Thread Starter: Suzanimal

    Judge Andrew P. Napolitano https://mises.org/blog/taxation-theft

    Last Post By: Anti Globalist 04-23-2019, 08:35 PM Go to last post

    Trump's Foreign Policies Are Better Than They Seem

    Thread Starter: timosman


    Last Post By: ATruepatriot 04-22-2019, 06:21 PM Go to last post

    Iran: Was Khomeini CIA?

    Thread Starter: InterestedParticipant

    The following article presents, among much other history, evidence and analysis that Khomeini and The Shah were installed by the CIA. Note 1: footnote references can be found at the original article Note 2: I apologize in advance for typos, however, this is how I found the original article. (continued)

    Last Post By: Firestarter 04-22-2019, 09:55 AM Go to last post
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