• Drama in RNC election as Ron Paul supporter makes run for chairman -- Contact Your State GOP CommitteeMen and Women to Support Mark Willis and Grassroots Involvement in the GOP!

    He said he supported Romney.

    “I had nothing to do with it,” Willis said by phone of his addition to the ballot. “I had no knowledge of it. No consent. I found out about it after the fact. After it had been done.”

    Critics on the committee, however, remain skeptical, pointing out that Willis did not try to have his name removed. He also didn’t publicly denounce his addition to the ballot.

    “When it was brought to my attention, I had to make a judgment call as to what is the right thing to do for the state of Maine,” Willis explained to TheDC. “And I made the judgment call to just not do anything, keep it quiet, don’t talk about it, don’t draw attention to it.”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/01/17/dr...#ixzz2IG0s7p5v

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