• Ron Paul supporters turn out in droves for speech at UVU 10/18/2012


    OREM — Though he is no longer in the race, thousands turned out for Ron Paul's appearance at Utah Valley University Thursday.

    The Texas congressman and former Republican presidential candidate's "revolution" continues for droves who turned out to hear him give his 45 minute speech at the school. The speech, which he delivered without notes, ranged in issues from free markers, the deficit, welfare, poverty and limited government.

    "Once you endorse the principle of welfarism, guess what? The poor get poorer, and the rich get richer," he said. "It's a totally failed system. And we can't be intimidated by those that argue, 'If you don't support the welfare system, you're not a humanitarian.'"

    Some of the loudest applause from the audience came from the portion of Paul's remarks focused on foreign policy, particularly comments that he was opposed to pre-emptive war and that U.S. forces should be immediately removed from Afghanistan.

    Audience members also cheered during Paul's more traditionally liberal arguments. He talked at length about individual liberty as it pertains to intellectual and religious freedom, adding that the same concepts should be applied to what people eat and drink or how they choose to live their lives.

    more at link: http://www.ksl.com/?sid=22597067&nid...medium=twitter

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  • Activism News & Discussion

    Matt Collins

    Why did Justin Amash vote for Iranian sanctions?

    Thread Starter: Matt Collins

    Here is the story: http://www.cnn.com/2016/12/01/politics/senate-extends-iran-sanctions/ here is the roll call (H R 6297): http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2016/roll577.xml Thomas was the ONLY one to vote against it.

    Last Post By: PierzStyx Today, 12:50 PM Go to last post

    What's up with Ben Swann lately

    Thread Starter: scm

    He was on such a roll. But seemed very quiet this election cycle. He went back to FOX, but His truth in media site hardly gets updated anymore. I feel he and a few other "investigative journalists" had their backs turned as the other team was scoring touchdowns this election cycle. He and someone like Jon Stewart could of changed this election. In 2012, they brought up a lot about the "other...

    Last Post By: nortica Yesterday, 11:40 PM Go to last post

    Where Are The Oath Keepers Now?

    Thread Starter: osan

    With everything that's going on with the suppression of the pipeline protesters, I cannot help but wonder where the Oath Keepers are.

    Last Post By: Valli6 Yesterday, 08:06 PM Go to last post

    LibertyClick.org Shareable Archive Website

    Thread Starter: LibertyClick

    http://www.libertyclick.org LibertyClick is an archive of shareable liberty content. When you have a point to make, go to the site map and search or click a tag of the topic at hand: See if there's any useful propaganda to aide you.

    Last Post By: LibertyClick Yesterday, 05:15 PM Go to last post

    The DEA is trying to ban another plant, this time kratom (Call To Action urgent)

    Thread Starter: nortica

    I'm a young man living in Lincoln, NE. I used to visit the DailyPaul every day and also visited RonPaulForums. I just made an account to post this urgent message. My cousin is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and uses kratom to help with the pain of his injuries and PTSD. There is something going on with the DEA that profoundly affects him and his health and I just want to spread the word...

    Last Post By: nortica 11-30-2016, 09:49 PM Go to last post

    When RPF's was born...

    Thread Starter: HVACTech

    it was all about Enlightenment. it was a place for those who "understood" to share. and thus promote, their collective knowledge and expertise. I learned SO much from both RPF's and the Dailypaul..... and yet in Today's world... we are not even worth an honorable mention... :o how the hell did that HAPPEN?

    Last Post By: helmuth_hubener 11-30-2016, 06:01 PM Go to last post
  • Ron Paul & Rand Paul: News & Discussion


    Justin Amash: Donald Trump should pick Rand Paul for Secretary of State

    Thread Starter: jct74

    read more: http://rare.us/story/justin-amash-donald-trump-should-pick-rand-paul-for-secretary-of-state/

    Last Post By: Seraphim Today, 05:23 AM Go to last post

    Obamacare Reform? Ron's Top Three Fixes

    Thread Starter: Brian4Liberty

    Obamacare Reform? Ron's Top Three Fixes

    Last Post By: presence Yesterday, 08:05 PM Go to last post

    The End Of Globalism - With Doug Casey

    Thread Starter: Brian4Liberty

    The End Of Globalism - With Doug Casey

    Last Post By: jllundqu Yesterday, 12:15 PM Go to last post

    Ron Paul's Upcoming Appearances [Updated 9/14/16]

    Thread Starter: tsai3904

    September 29

    Last Post By: unknown Yesterday, 01:01 AM Go to last post

    Rand Paul TIME op-ed: Cuba Isolationists Just Don’t Get It

    Thread Starter: jct74

    read more: http://time.com/3642353/rand-paul-cuba-rubio-isolationists-just-dont-get-it/

    Last Post By: AZJoe 11-30-2016, 07:52 PM Go to last post
  • 2016 Presidential Election


    Clinton Foundation - Pedophile Sex Ring

    Thread Starter: ApathyCuredRP

    WIKILEAKS JUST DID IT ! They connected Clintons to pedophile ring. Developing... Laura Silsby! It is happening. FBI / Wikileaks are working together. The_Donald sub reddit is leading the charge. BE A PART OF HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to twitter - Wikileaks account. I can't access on work computer. I saw the feed on mobile twitter.

    Last Post By: AZJoe Today, 05:19 AM Go to last post

    Do you believe in the pizzagate scandal?

    Thread Starter: fatjohn

    If you are not aware what pizzagate is please read up here before voting in the poll. http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?503312-Clinton-Foundation-Pedophile-Sex-Ring

    Last Post By: AZJoe Today, 05:21 AM Go to last post

    Over Three Million Illegal Immigrants Voted in 2016 Election

    Thread Starter: helmuth_hubener

    Three Million Votes Were Cast By Illegal Aliens Millions of votes were cast by illegal aliens in the recent 2016 election held in the United States. Since they are held to determine the government of the United States, participation in these elections has traditionally been limited to citizens of the United States. However, many commentators and human rights advocacy groups see this policy...

    Last Post By: seapilot Today, 11:31 AM Go to last post
    Anti Federalist

    Jill Stein raises 600k in one day, of 2M needed to fund recounts in WI - MI - PA

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    Jill Stein raising $2M for recount in 3 battleground states that would elect Clinton http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2016/11/23/Jill-Stein-raising-2M-for-recount-in-3-battleground-states-that-would-elect-Clinton/6251479943186/ WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 (UPI) -- Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein on Wednesday made a major push to raise $2 million to pay for recount efforts in three...

    Last Post By: Jan2017 11-29-2016, 01:50 PM Go to last post

    Boycott the elections

    Thread Starter: Firestarter

    From the start it were only Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump in the spotlight (even in Europe they get shoved down our throat), and because nobody will vote for any politician they don’t know, it’s the media that decides who wins. Last July 26, Hillary accepted the official nomination, while a few days earlier Trump became the nominee for the Democrat-Republicans. You cannot seriously...

    Last Post By: Athan Today, 11:00 AM Go to last post

    Where's Hillary?

    Thread Starter: PatriotOne

    Has Hillary made any public appearances since her loss? I can't find any looking at the fakenews. My opinion....she's feeling the noose tighten around her neck and scared chitless! #Pizzagate If anybody knows of any let me know though.

    Last Post By: Weston White 11-26-2016, 04:59 AM Go to last post

    Trump Picks Former Goldman Partner And Soros Employee As Finance Chairman

    Thread Starter: ronpaulhawaii

    From ZeroHedge I feel sorry for those being duped by this guy

    Last Post By: The Northbreather 11-30-2016, 10:16 AM Go to last post
  • General News & Politics


    Trump SAVES 1000 Carrier Jobs!....

    Thread Starter: EBounding

    Through corporate welfare. 803764047300722688 803753692872654848

    Last Post By: Swordsmyth Today, 01:59 PM Go to last post

    The BBC Says Pizzagate is Fake

    Thread Starter: Smaulgld

    Is pizzagate fake? Here is an analysis of the BBC's take on it.. http://fakenews.news/2016/12/02/bbc-derides-pizzagate-fake-news/

    Last Post By: devil21 Today, 01:48 PM Go to last post

    A 6 Step Plan for Trump to Make Our Money Great Again

    Thread Starter: mrsat_98

    http://www.minyanville.com/business-news/markets/articles/2524GLD-2524SLV-2523trump-2523money-2523auditthefed/11/29/2016/id/58912 Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States in January. Americans will then find out then if "Make America Great Again" is more than a campaign slogan. It isn't going to be easy. On day one, he will inherit a $20 trillion federal...

    Last Post By: devil21 Today, 01:45 PM Go to last post

    'Mad Dog' Chosen for SoD Post

    Thread Starter: AuH20

    Some good and some bad with Mattis. He is virulently opposed to the NDAA, but he's not a fan of isolationism. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2016/12/01/trump-picks-mattis-defense-secretary/94608474/ Mattis is not enamored with Israel. http://www.timesofisrael.com/ex-us-general-we-pay-a-price-for-backing-israel/ ...

    Last Post By: RJB Today, 01:39 PM Go to last post

    [Edit] Flag Burning - Trump going after the first amendment

    Thread Starter: scm

    Trump Threatens Flag-Burning Americans With Loss Of Citizenship Or Jail 803567993036754944http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-29/trump-threatens-flag-burning-americans-loss-citizenship-or-jail "TIME’s Walter Isaacson commented in the weeks that followed the decision. “Reverence for the flag is ingrained in every schoolchild who has quailed at the thought of letting it touch the ground,...

    Last Post By: jllundqu Today, 01:38 PM Go to last post

    Anti-Russian Propaganda Bill Passes HoR

    Thread Starter: AuH20

    People have the gall to complain about Trump when this is going on? http://www.activistpost.com/2016/12/bill-targeting-russian-propaganda-passes-house.html?utm_source=Activist+Post+Subscribers&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=1fbaa17346-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_term=0_b0c7fb76bd-1fbaa17346-368533081

    Last Post By: devil21 Today, 01:31 PM Go to last post

    Why Jews have a special obligation to resist Trump

    Thread Starter: timosman


    Last Post By: Brian4Liberty Today, 01:15 PM Go to last post

    Trump Said To Be Leaning To Romney As Secretary Of State Pick

    Thread Starter: scm

    "What just one week ago seemed ludicrous - Trump picking his former arch nemesis Mitt Romney as Secretary of State - now appears imminent. According to a WSJ report, the President-elect is leaning toward asking former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to be his secretary of state." http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-22/trump-said-be-leaning-romney-secretary-state-pick Drain the swamp, #MAGA...

    Last Post By: scm Today, 01:13 PM Go to last post

    The Advertising Freezeout has Begun Against Alt Media

    Thread Starter: AuH20

    803851055998074880 This past October. 790188312279474176

    Last Post By: Pizzo Today, 12:55 PM Go to last post
    Anti Federalist

    Among thousands of outgoing Obama fatwas: Ban on smoking in all Fed housing

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    Obama Administration to Implement Smoking Ban in All Public Housing http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/11/30/smoking-ban-public-housing/ A smoking ban will be put into place in public housing buildings nationwide, according to a new federal rule. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) said the no-smoking rule will go into effect in 2017, but “public housing...

    Last Post By: Dr.3D Today, 12:38 PM Go to last post
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    Interesting appeals court ruling in Canada - debt-based money is done?

    Thread Starter: devil21

    Just came across this video. It sounds important. (and make sure you read post #4 in this thread and the rest of the thread.)

    Last Post By: Zippyjuan Today, 01:53 PM Go to last post

    Mnuchin floats 50 and 100 year bond issuance

    Thread Starter: devil21

    https://www.bloomberg.com/gadfly/articles/2016-12-01/mnuchin-mulls-going-way-long-on-bonds-but-time-is-short At first that sounds like an absurd idea, however it's not the first time that such long bonds have been issued here. Investing in those ultra-long maturity sorts of bonds would be something like a "legacy investment". Google "Federal Reserve Box"....

    Last Post By: Zippyjuan Today, 01:51 PM Go to last post

    The Litepresence Report on Cryptocurrency

    Thread Starter: presence

    CLICK HERE FOR HIGH RESOLUTION I've had multiple requests to create a unified location for my charts, predictions, forecasts, etc. so here it is. I'll update the thread whenever I'm trading. You can chat w/ me live at the btce trollbox. Best of luck my friends!

    Last Post By: kfarnan Today, 11:34 AM Go to last post

    Can Trump save the Coal Industry?

    Thread Starter: Zippyjuan

    http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/20/business/energy-environment/a-bleak-outlook-for-trumps-promises-to-coal-miners.html More at link. Chinese demand for coal has been falling. India's demand is expected to rise, but they are expected to rely more on their own large resources of coal and labor intensive deep mining in the Eastern US is being replaced with low labor, highly mechanized...

    Last Post By: devil21 Yesterday, 02:15 PM Go to last post

    Peter Schiff's F-U to His Bots USD at Record Highs!

    Thread Starter: toathis

    Last Post By: RonPaulIsGreat 11-30-2016, 10:46 PM Go to last post

    US economic growth revised up for third quarter

    Thread Starter: Zippyjuan

    http://www.bbc.com/news/business-38148190 I thought economic reports were supposed to be revised DOWN once the election was over.

    Last Post By: Zippyjuan 11-30-2016, 03:43 PM Go to last post
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  • Living Free and Healthy


    NFL player suspended 10 games for using marijuana to treat Chrohn's disease

    Thread Starter: jct74

    read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/seantrel-henderson-crohns-disease-marijuana_us_583f1a2be4b017f37fe20c1c

    Last Post By: Suzanimal Today, 01:38 PM Go to last post

    Coconut Oil For Dental Hygeine

    Thread Starter: AuH20

    It's not a wive's tale. It actually works as I can attest. Cavities and abscesses will disappear. Obviously, it will take longer to drain cavities.

    Last Post By: donnay Today, 01:34 PM Go to last post

    Abilify commercial

    Thread Starter: coyote_sprit

    I saw the commercial for this medication a long time ago but forgot the name of it and saw it again today. YouTube - Savage Butt in Abilify Depression Commercial The actual commercial ends at 26 seconds and the rest is nothing but side effects which include death. This is one of the funniest medication commercials ever.

    Last Post By: timosman Today, 05:01 AM Go to last post

    Washing machine on the fritz. Does this sound like a good diagnosis?

    Thread Starter: phill4paul

    Kenmore stacked washer/dryer combo. Mod. 2661532210. Washer washes, drains but will not spin at what should normally be the correct speed. Now this thing was gotten/given used 5 yrs. ago and was about 2-3 yrs. old then. So not too old. Yes, it has a computer and it has cycle lights that are supposed to diagnose, but of course they are no help. So, I took off the front cover (I actually took...

    Last Post By: JK/SEA Yesterday, 11:26 AM Go to last post

    Is Glyphosate — Think Roundup® — On Your Dinner Plate?

    Thread Starter: donnay

    Is Glyphosate — Think Roundup® — On Your Dinner Plate? By Catherine J. Frompovich As we sit down to eat dinner, do we ever think of what’s in our food besides vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein, roughage and calories? Very few of us, I’d imagine, are aware of the fact that more than we know, not only lurks in most of the food chain, but also in us who eat food. It’s almost as if some...

    Last Post By: scm Yesterday, 09:46 AM Go to last post
  • Education & Thought Power

    Ronin Truth

    What If the Government Followed Its Own Constitution?

    Thread Starter: Ronin Truth


    Last Post By: heavenlyboy34 Today, 01:46 PM Go to last post
    Tywysog Cymru

    The Alt Right is an Ideologically Diverse Movement

    Thread Starter: Tywysog Cymru

    Highly renowned intellectual thinker Richard Spencer once said that the Alt-Right is a wide spectrum of beliefs. I think I have unfairly lumped them into one group and treated them all like they are the same. I came to this comclusion after doing some more research on people who identify as alt-right. So lets take a look at the different types of people in the alt-right. Please tell me if...

    Last Post By: ThePaleoLibertarian Yesterday, 09:06 PM Go to last post
    The Northbreather

    Best discussion on PC, SJWs, Marxism etc I've heard

    Thread Starter: The Northbreather

    (Would the next poster embed this for me if it's not working?) This is an EXCELLENT talk on the subject. It's Dr Jordan Peterson speaking out about his battle the SJWs in academia. JRE #877

    Last Post By: mtr1979 Yesterday, 12:39 AM Go to last post

    Why not give each Rep. multiple votes?

    Thread Starter: Swordsmyth

    It is hard enough to find a few good men. Why do we make ourselves look for hundreds? We should allow ourselves to give one candidate more than one Seat/Vote.

    Last Post By: oyarde 11-30-2016, 08:14 PM Go to last post

    Native Americans Offer Amnesty to 220 Million Undocumented Whites

    Thread Starter: anaconda


    Last Post By: Carlybee 11-28-2016, 05:26 PM Go to last post
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